Marina Porto Antico Genova, yachting style and innovation within a safe certified environment


When traditions of the sea and the discovery of the touristic vocation of Genoa meet, there must be a structure dedicated to boating and able to merge technological innovation with the style of the best yachting activity. able to meet the needs of all those looking for a unique berth in Genoa.

Marina Porto Antico has realized in advance this demand and in 2000 had already completed its intervention, started at the beginning of the 90ies, and taking place in the heart of “Ripa Maris”, between the Aquarium and the Old Dock, bravely joining its own private capital to the public investments which have transformed in such a splendid way the Historic Port.

Buildings on land
Underground parking
Sq meters of squares & areas of Old Port

The complex is composed by three buildings on land, perfectly integrated in the town fabric behind, by two underground parking facilities, one of which is open to the public, and by an impressive little port that extends towards the centre of the historic port of Genoa, plus more than 10.000 square meters of squares completing and expanding the promenade for residents and tourists who go from the Aquarium and from the areas of the Old Port towards the Museum of the Sea and the cruise terminal.

While achieving this, an enormous care has been put in order to respect the historical tradition of Genoa port environment: as a matter of fact, the marble promenade that divides via Gramsci and the port area has been maintained; a considerable section of the base of the Medieval Tower of the dock has been rediscovered, and today is protected inside the building named “Morosini Nord”: it had been buried for a long time under the debris of Genoa strong industrialization of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century; and the wonderful nineteenth century banister in cast iron, that now surrounds the city road system, has been brought back to its original splendour.

When restoring the last building next to the dry dock of Rimorchiatori Riuniti, Marina Porto Antico has collaborated with the town Superintendency to carry out a mapping and a survey of the items found during the excavations, bringing to light the foundations of warehouses and buildings linked to the old port activity of Genoa.


From its very beginning, Marina Porto Antico has received the requests of those who, with commitment and passion, have tried to give value to man’s life, to improve culture, to bring back historical memories.
Following this way of thinking, the Company, in the most recent years, has promoted and sponsored with contributions and encouragement associations such as “Dragun” of Camogli, that promotes the sea spirit of this ligurian village and its roots in Italy and worldwide; or has supported Camogli Town Hall and Museums of Genoa during the organization of events such as “Stella Maris” celebrations or the Opening of an exhibition on the wooden boards at the Museum of Saint Augustine.

And again, the Company has collaborated with the Aquarium of Genoa to improve the touristic capacity of the city, facilitating the fruition of some city museums, has supported a team of pilots for powerboat competitions and has an ongoing support action for an association helping the disabled in order to stimulate them to enjoy the sea.
The pride of the whole activity as a patron of the arts and culture of Marina Porto Antico is represented by the commitment to restore one of the oldest churches of the Tigullio Gulf, overlooking that strip of land which, from Portofino, points towards Corsica Island: the Church and Saint Nicolò of Capodimonte complex.

A monument in Romanesque style, simple and genuine, preserved till now without suffering too much the ravages of time and that appears today threatened by its own elements: the Earth which pushes from high and the Sea that pulls from below.
The studies and the interventions, necessary to deeply understand the situation and the way of finding a remedy, strongly desired by the Volunteers of S. Nicolò Group, have caught the attention of all the Authorities and the support of many of them.
Marina Porto Antico S.p.A. did its bit, providing the contribution that allows to start this process.

And the Company is proud, as it operates in a certain sense between land and sea, to have done it just out of affection and respect that these Places and this Sea deserve, giving, in their turn, something back: they welcome tourists and yachtsmen in a beautiful setting.
During year 2011, Marina Porto Antico, has become once again supporter of the project and, together with other Institutions, is financing the safety plan and restoration of the monumental complex and is glad to announce that, starting from Autumn 2011, the Church and its works of art are again available to visitors.