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Marina Porto Antico

Marina Porto Antico. Not just a simple berth

Location, services, capacity, sea bottoms. Writing about a port is very often a technical matter. That’s not the case for Marina Porto Antico in Genoa, which undoubtedly represents something more than just a simple berth located near the city. It’s a matter of emotions.

Mooring in Marina Porto Antico means to enter and bind with ropes to the heart of the its host city: the Genoa of De André and Paoli, the city you can live only through those sounds and scents.

That’s because some ports raise not inside a city but together with their host city. And some of them are both the source and origin of their history. Embodying the spirit of its people, the port of Genoa is a prime example of that.

Marina Porto Antico raises within this grandeur, between the old Darsena and the Aquarium, where the remains of the original harbour were found.

It was right here that, in the early ’90s, a group of Genoese businessmen launched a multi-purpose project consisting of three residential and commercial buildings and a marina equipped with 280 berths for boats ranging from 10 to 65 metres.

Furthermore, the port facility, equipped with a car park with 230 covered parking spaces and 55 open ones, was built so that it could complement the historic part the marina turns its back to.

The architect Piero Gambacciani, the author of the project, enlarged the path stretching from the port to the Aquarium and the Museum of the Sea with additional service areas expanding over 10 thousand square metres.

The philosophy of Marina Porto Antico is palpable and can be immediately recognized in its mooring assistants. Professionalism, precise safe gestures, ready to help you at any hour of the day and at night.

Guests can’t not feel reassured by the wide range of services provided. They range from the most obvious ones, such as energy, water, Wi-Fi connection throughout the marina to some more specific ones, such as luggage transport, laundry collection and delivery, private parking spaces, disposal of batteries and used oils, fire prevention on all quays, 24-hour guard services and weather forecast.

And let us not forget that the heart of Genoa is beating just few metres away. The marina is the starting point of many streets to the Doge’s Palace, St. Lawrence’s Cathedral, the Royal Palace and Albertis Castle, in addition to the famous Aquarium and the Museum of the Sea, where you can enjoy an exclusive tour of the Nazario Sauro submarine.

Dozens of restaurants and Italian trattorias in the surroundings serve the traditional dishes of the region, from pesto to stockfish, from farinata to stuffed vegetables.

Finally, if you prefer getting Marina Porto Antico by car, traffic won’t be a problem thanks to a private car park situated just a few steps from the metro station.

Now, it’s time to cast off and say goodbye to the city and its lighthouse, with that entrancing sensation which always and somehow will make you come back.