Cinque Terre navigazione

Gulf of Poets and Cinque Terre

Liguria. Cast off and get the Gulf of Poets and Cinque Terre.

If you have a berth in Liguria or you’re just visiting it, you can’t not consider that a short navigation from all the main ports can let you get to those rare precious spots the whole world envies: the Gulf of Poets, Portovenere and Cinque Terre.

A breathtaking corner of inspiring beauty gives a view from the sea of villages, terraced hills, churches as well as the landscape of the gulf. The rules imposed by the Cinque Terre Marine Park should, however, be taken into account; consequently, you’d better to take a berth in one of the local marinas where to spend the night.

The underwater vegetation in the sea of Cinque Terre offers a great opportunity for divers and snorkelers to admire some rare species, such as the white sea fan and black coral. This is the gate of the so-called “ Sea Cetacean Sanctuary”, a large marine Tyrrhenian area where some majestic marine creatures, such as whales and dolphins, can be admired while sailing the zone.

Visiting the Gulf of Poets and Cinque Terre by boat is certainly the right occasion to enjoy the full benefit from the beauty of these lands without renouncing the unique splendours of local villages and towns.

Sailing from La Spezia to the East and Portovenere, the landscape enchants the gaze, vineyards on the hills, different-coloured cliffs and the wonderful villages of Cinque Terre. You can stop in front of Monte Rosso and let yourself be charmed by the perched lanes and paths which overlook the sea.

Considering the total absence of coastal shelters and the low depth of sea bottoms, spending a night at anchor is not a recommended experience. However, it’s absolutely worth spending a night in Portovenere to live the dolce vita atmosphere of its little square and see the wonderful cathedral overlooking the sea, the Byron’s Grotto or have dinner in a restaurant of the old town centre.

From Portovenere, you can easily get the islands of Tino, Tinetto and Palmaria for a lunch or a bath.

If, on the contrary, you prefer continuing your navigation to the border between Liguria and Tuscany, you can get to Lerici and Tellaro, admire them from the sea or get ashore for a visit.